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As a photographer, many aspects of the world fasinate me and as such, I've tried to catagorize my vision into galleries. My viewpoint is mostly abstract or not true macro but I tend to get close to my subjects and look for the details to emphasize.
Joanne Manzella Photography - Welcome


I have always enjoyed taking pictures even when I was very young. There is something about capturing the moment or seeing things differently in everyday objects or the scenery around you. The details, colors, shapes are what is most attractive to me, which is why most of my images are abstract and in color.

As most photographers have an eclectic grouping of photographs, so do I but I love learning new techniques and after spending time photographing cars abstractly, I started to composite the cars into surreal and some not so surreal environments. With a background in programming, Photoshop compositing was an easy transition!

View this kind of imagery and other abstract images of cars in the Cars Gallery. You most likely will find me at several SoCal car shows sometimes in awkward positions as I work to get that abstract image.

About Me - Random image from gallery

Latest Project

Man's Evidence

There are so many creative ideas out there that it is not easy to come up with something that is truely unique. That's ok though because if it were not for inspiration of others, than new and fresh ideas would be far and few inbetween.

Sample image from latest project

Most of us are trying to make a conscience effort to better protect our world from global warming by doing what we can for the eco system. Everyone should be aware of their carbon footprint. The other thing is to appreciate and respect the things around us. I noticed that there is more and more proliferation of stickers and tagging going around. It seems almost as if, that is the new marketing strategy for bands, musicians or anyone with a message. And because there is so much of it happening, do you even notice it any more? Have we come complacent and accepting to this distruction?

Find out more about this project on my Man's Evidence website.